About us
Colector Somnis Group is an exhibition and artistic creation center that organizes all kinds of musical and fashion events, called "FashionConcerts". They are unique experiences that we tailor-make for our clients and the general public with the help of our artists and collaborators.
Why the arts?
At Colector Somnis Group, we firmly believe in the importance of promoting all the arts and creating spaces for them to be practiced, experienced and, ultimately, shaped to bring together art lovers who want to appreciate it in a unique way.
If you are an artist, designer or musician and would like to collaborate with us, please contact us.
Unique events in Colector Somnis
Colector Events offers everything you need to make the organization of your event a success - from our extraordinary space in Barcelona, to a series of comprehensive services and unique artistic experiences.
Av. de la Riera 22, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, 08960, España
Tel. (+34) 680 62 36 36
Fashion Conciertos
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